This mother-daughter duo wants to help you build your teams and enhance your communication skills.  No matter what your business and professional goals are, these women want to help you achieve them!

1:1 Coaching

Basic Review

One Session to review a presentation before an event.

Event Preparation

Multiple Sessions from content generation to a polished delivery.

Ongoing Development

2-3 Sessions Monthly to enhance communication skills for a variety of audiences.


Embracing Change

Realize how quickly everything can be turned on its head; find your way to adapt and thrive.

Account and Vendor Relations

Maximize the possibilities of client relationships to strengthen ties and gain more business.

Leadership Communication

Increase your effectiveness by understanding that Leadership is more than micro-management or delegation.


Leadership Across Generations

Baby Boomers and Millenials agree on one thing: Success.

From Board Room to Breast Cancer

Aligning priorities with personal growth and understanding what truly matters.

Corporate Morality and Authenticity

Making your mark as a company without losing sight of the values you defined.

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